Sunday, 20 September 2009

Hello! I'm still here!

Wow it's been a long time since I last blogged & soooo much has happened! Thought I'd better get blogging before I get the sack!!!

Well I'll start where I left off! The birthday bash on the 7th of June was a success! I was so proud of my students, amazed by the other students & very proud of the Instructors! I really enjoyed my performance & showcasing all the new moves I had been learning at that time, a great night indeed! Looking forward to watching the footage soon!

My sister soon left for australia after our birthday bash & we had a "last supper"! It was very emotional & I was dreading it, you can see from the picture we were trying to be light hearted but check out the emotional bags under my red eyes! haha! After 2 days of being stricken with grief I soon picked up ready to enjoy my so called 6 weeks summer holiday! I say so called because I was still working for The Art of Dance (which was a pleasure as always!), working for my Mum in her shop in Polperro a couple of days a week & even went back to Tribal Voice to pierce a few members of the public! I was glad to be busy though as I found myself thinking too much when I had a bit of time & that never does me any good! I did have a slight spell of depression for a while but am glad to say I am over it & motivated again!

The highlight of my 6 week holiday was the suprise one to one lesson my boyfriend Nick & Mum had organised with the World Champion Felix Cane! Oh my god, I was so shocked, I thought Mum & I were going to Bristol to get my bridesmaid dress & a bit of shopping in Cribbs but instead I was told in the morning I was meeting Felix & having a private lesson with her! So I had the car jouney to plan what I wanted to get out of my lesson & what I wanted to say! Felix was fabulous, very funny, bubbly, lively, sexy, glamourous everything I hoped for & we got on like old friends, she was very nice & allowed my Mum to sit in on the lesson also! I am usually quite reserved when I meet people & took me about 20 mins to get passed being quiet but after that we had a real laugh & she was so affectionate & sweet! I have taken her advice & teaching away with me & will be a day I'll never forget, I even ended up teaching her a few moves like the 1 armed flag which she was very impressed with! To summerise she was fantastic, so down to earth & a great laugh! I am so in love with her after meeting her in person!

Another highlight of my summer holiday was the chance to go out on a 3 million pound Princess Yacht for a couple of hours! Nick has a friend who works there & we were invited out on a test drive of this brand new yacht which has to be hammered around the sound to ensure it is all in working order for it's lucky new owner! It was a great trip and we were even allowed to take it in turns to drive it! It was very sureal driving such a glamouous monstor but suprisingly easy too! I concluded afterwards that I want one & asked Nick nicely to hurry up and make his millions so I can have one! It was just amazing & the weather was stunning!

After meeting Felix I decided to enter Pole Divas this year! Encouraged by Nick who pushed the submit button on the website I was booked into bristol & ready to go!
Sam & Tamar had also entered & I have to be honest was uncomfortable competing with my fellow instructor & boss as I'm not a competitive person & think we are all amazing on the pole & very different.
I was very unsure if I was ready for this competition & had always said I would not enter a competition untill I had achieved the splits & felt 100% ready!
I wish I had listened to my gut as on the night I did do a "good" performance but lost my sparkle on stage & didn't enjoy it! I was shocked I felt like this & it only hit me once I was on stage, I remember thinking half was through I wish this was over which is very unlike me! I can only put it down to the recent spell of depression & having a skin issue on my legs which I am on antibiotics for still! I wasn't ready for this but am glad to have the experience as next time I know what to expect. Sam & Tamar who have competed before were at there best on stage & delivered fantastic & very individual performances. I felt sorry for the judges as we are all so different! Tamar however bagged the title & one the professional category, I have to say this was the best I have seen her perform & much deserved, she was on fire that night! Well done Tamar, you did us proud!! I believe we got 1st, 2nd & 3rd which is great news for The Art of Dance!

I also enjoyed a night out during the holidays with my friends from tribal voice after a fantastic Burlesque Lesson with the gorgeous Gorgina Gale! (Sue, The Art of Dance) My friends loved it & I enjoyed showing off Sue who I have told them soooo much about & we got all dressed up in burlesque outfits afterwards & hit the town. I was extremley drunk!

So back to work now, I am happy to be back at school doing my first aidy type stuff & looking forward to my new slot teaching in Plymouth on wednesday's!! I will still be in Liskeard on a tuesday @ 6.15pm & now in Plymouth @ 6.15pm & 7.30pm! This gives me more time & energy to be in the Plymouth studio more & take on some of the Uni classes too. I am very excited about this change & have lots of motivation because of it. I am leaving my wednesday lesson in Liskeard in the capable hands of our new Instructor SJ! Sarah Jane has been my student for 2 years & I have taught her from scratch. She is my proudest teaching achievement & has advanced very quicky to a strong Instructor level! The girls in Liskeard all know & love her & I know she will be a fab Instructor!!

Before my blog becomes a novel I would just like to mention the lovely Roasanna. She has had a tough time the last few months but am glad to say she is back to teaching & on the mend! Before our birthday bash she asked me to perfom @ Run to The Sun in Newquay, it was a massive event with thousands of people & I really enjoyed it! It was hard work but the feeling on stage was incredable, I'm gald I took part & would like to thank her for asking me. I spent some quality time with Rosanna & really valued getting to know her better & think the world of her! I'm glad your back hun! Keep shaking that ass!!

I will log off now, I have been blogging for over an hour now & my stretches are calling! Will not leave it so long next time & I look forward to seeing more of you in Plymouth!

Take Care Pole ladies!!

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